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How To Choose The Right Forklift Tyre? Solid Tyre VS Pneumatic Tyre

2020-10-09 13:40:06

Forklift tires can be divided into pneumatic tires and solid tires. Solid tires can be divided into pneumatic solid tires, pressure-on solid tires, mold on solid tires, non-marking solid tires. Among them, environmentally friendly non-making solid tires are suitable for food, electronics, medicine and other industries where environmental protection and sanitary conditions are more stringent. The colors are generally white, gray, green, yellow, etc., which are almost close to the ground color of special industries.

When choosing the right tyre for a forklift, the most common choice pneumatic forklift tyre or solid forklift tyre? When evaluating which tyre is better for your application,you need to   consider the significant differences between the two types of tyre.

Choosing the right tyre can affect the operation and safety of the forklift truck. Most forklift trucks are specifically designed for specific tyre, while tyre are designed for specific applications or industries.

Inflatable forklift tyre

Pneumatic tyre are similar to car tyre or truck tyre and have high performance and versatility. Pneumatic tyre have a strong grip on the rugged terrain of the rugged ground environment and are popular in construction sites, logging farms and indoor/outdoor warehouses. There are two types of pneumatic tyre: tubeless vacuum tyre and inner tube pneumatic tyre.

Solid forklift tyre

The solid tyre is made of solid rubber and is mounted around the metal strip. They are expensive to manufacture and easy to maintain, but the traction of solid tyre is different from that of pneumatic tyre, especially outdoors. Solid tyre are suitable for use on smooth surfaces or in harsh roads such as steel mills. They also help to move in smaller spaces because they help to reduce the turning radius.


Before you buy a forklift ,firstly, make sure that a forklift with pneumatic tyre or solid tyre  is suitable for you, how the forklift is used? Consider abilities and any versatility. Then, consider space constraints and applications; will it be used internally or externally, or at the same time? Will it be used on flat or uneven terrain?

Keep in mind that most forklift trucks require specific tyre, so do some research before you buy the forklift for the first time to make sure it works for you.


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