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Skid Steer Loader Tires

2020-10-08 13:25:41

Skid Steer Loader is a vehicle that uses the difference in the linear speed of the wheels on both sides to achieve vehicle steering.  It is mainly used in occasions where the work site is narrow, the ground is uneven, and the work content changes frequently. The biggest feature of the skid steer loader is that the overall size of the machine is small, and it can realize in-situ steering; due to the short wheelbase, the skid steer loader works particularly dexterously in a small space, and in a small space, it can slip The equipment not only provides the original loading operation, but also realizes various types of engineering operations through accessories, which maximizes the speed of engineering construction.

So, what kind of tires are commonly used? The answer is skid steer loader solid tires .

Compared with pneumatic tires, skid steer loader tires have their unique advantages. Because the carcass is solid, they bear higher weight, have stronger puncture resistance, do not require maintenance, and have higher wear resistance, etc. , Because of this, it is widely used by major skid steer loader manufacturers.

Commonly used models of skid steer loader solid tires are 10-16.5 (31x10-16), 12-16.5 (33x12-20), 14-17.5 (36x14-20, 36x14-24), 385/65-24 (385/65D22.5) ), 445/65-24(445/65D22.5) etc.

You may have questions. My skid steer loader uses pneumatic tires, which are often punctured and need to be repaired, and the service life is not long. Can it be replaced with solid tires?

Solid tires can be divided into three categories: pneumatic rim solid tires, press-on solid tires, and mold-on solid tires. Among them, the pneumatic rim solid tires can be interchanged with pneumatic tires, so even if your loader uses pneumatic tires, but they can also be replaced with solid tires.



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