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Attention For The Use Of Solid Tires

2020-10-29 11:58:14

The equipt rim size of the pneumatic solid tire and the pneumatic tire is the same. But the assemble and unassemble the solid tire to rim need to be completed by press machine. In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of the installation process, the following rules should be followed:

1. Inspection of tires and rims

First of all, check the tire and rim being matchable or not. That is whether the rim can be matched with the tire. The width of the rim used for the same tyre size can be different. It is the first step to confirm this before installation. Rim inspection includes rim defects and burrs. If there is burrs, we must polish firstly, or it will damage the tire hub, which affects largely to its  installation and use.

2, In order to equipt the tire to the rim smoothly, friction between the rim and the tire must be reduced. During installation, the outer surface of the wheel hub and the rim should be sprayed and coated with lubricants. The lubricants can choose common soapy water, washing powder water and so on. There are conditions for the use of special lubricants for tires, but we can’t use oil and grease and other common lubricants. Because they will expand the rubber and damage the tires.

3, when the tire is placed on the rim, it can not be inclined, otherwise it will be difficult to install. Otherwise the wheel will swing around, the rim must be installed in place, the bolt must be tightened, otherwise the slip ring or the tire rim separation will cause danger.

4, According to the ETRTOEDI standard, when tyres are loaded onto the vehicle, they must be concentric. Tires can not be installed on the same vehicle or on the same axle, if they were made different manufacturers. They can not be mixed use with inflatable tire, otherwise, it is easy to cause accident.


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