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Forklift Non-Marking Solid Tyre

2020-10-06 13:45:14

In almost every industrial operating sites, we can always see a forklift, which is widely used to carry and lift heavy things up and down, so it is often called as a versatile machinery. Today, solid tyre manufacture is going to talk about a kind of forklift that is equipped with non-marking solid tyre (also known as clean solid tire,environmental protection solid tire).In some industries, clean environment is very important, such as food and pharmaceutical industries. No marking solid rubber tire adopts light color (or color) rubber formula to avoid leaving black marks and brake traces on the ground during driving.


Non-polluting materials and full rubber production are used to avoid polluting the operating environment. Non marking solid rubber tire rubber gum also contains anti-static formula, which can effectively eliminate the accumulation of static electricity, improve the safety of workplace and personnel. As for the features, it has all the characteristics and advantages of power-saving solid tire, which is very stable, puncture resistant and have a long service life.


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