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Storage And Maitenance Of Solid Tyre

2020-10-01 11:25:39

Because of the rubber will be accelerated aging under environment of light, heat, grease and chemicals, solid tire must be avoided the above environment. Storing solid tyre must not be directly exposed to sunlight, and should be kept away from harmful substances such as light, heat, grease, acid and alkali. Solid tyres should be put flat and not put in place so as not to overturn injuries.

Solid tire is a kind of industrial tyre which is suitable for low speed and high load running vehicles. It is widely used in various industrial vehicles, engineering machinery, port, airport, railway and large medium-sized industrial and various kinds of cargo handling, because of its long service life, high safety coefficient, wear resistance, tear resistance, fatigue resistance and maintenance free. Flat and trailing vehicles in the workplace.


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