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Why We Choose Solid Tyre For Our Vehicle?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

[advantages]: you don't be afraid of tyre broken, no need to pump during 3-5 years, which can save you much trouble.

Solid tires are a kind of tires compared to pneumatic tires. Its carcass is solid,with no inner tube and no airtight layer, of course, it does not have to be inflated.

The solid tire has the advantages of high elasticity, strong heat dissipation, good wear resistance and so on, which makes it have low deformation rate, reducing maintenance cost and long service life.

Even through the solid tire is heavy and high elasticity, the vehicle is easy to operate. 

So what do solid tires apply to? Industrial vehicles, road machinery, construction machinery and articulated vehicles in ports and airports use conditions is generally low and heavy load, the solid tire safety, durability and economy will be far better than the pneumatic tire. So, more and more users choose solid tyre as their one of best option.