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Pneumatic Tire

- Mar 13, 2018 -

The initial pneumatic tires used carcass coated with rubber. Because the vertical and horizontal lines of the canvas cross each other, the tires are deformed due to the deformation of the tires during walking, which causes the lines to rub against each other. In this way, the lines can be easily broken, and the tires can only run 200-300 km. In 1903, Mr. J. F. Palmer invented the twill textiles. The invention of the twill textiles promoted the development of the cross-ply tires and made the life of the tires a major step forward. Because the pitchfork's carcass won't cause friction due to the walking of the tire, the cord is not easily broken, so the life is greatly lengthened. In 1930 Michelin made the first tubeless tyre; in 1946 it invented the world-famous radial tyre. Therefore, the development of the tires has gone through a long process. During this long night, I do not know how many generations have given them arduous labor and superb wisdom.