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Agricultural And Forestry Machinery Tires

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Agricultural tires are mainly used on tractors, Combi harvesters and farm implement vehicles. The forestry machinery tires are mounted on forestry tractors and forestry machinery, and operations such as felling, skidding, shoveling and excavation of forestry are carried out. These two kinds of tires are characterized by low speed requirements, but they are used in harsh conditions. They often run on poorly-ground field roads and hard-to-hold or gravel roads, or even roads without roads. Tires are easily scratched. Or cut it. Another feature is that the intermittent operation, mileage, but the use of a longer period, it is required that the tire has a good resistance to flex cracking and aging resistance. Tires are mainly diagonal structures, but they also have a meridian structure.