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Tire Refurbishment Identification

- Mar 13, 2018 -

1. Observe the tire pattern color

From the grainy point of view, under normal circumstances, because the poor quality of retreaded tire processing is not standardized, so the groove is relatively shallow. In terms of color, poor retreaded tires look bright and shiny, while the regular retreads are relatively dark. The refurbished tires are bleak in color and luster.

2. Tread and sidewall lap joints

First of all, look at the side of the tire, whether the various labels are complete, the tire manufacturers have a forum pattern code to see if the pattern code corresponds with the tire pattern. Next, look at whether the joint between the tread and the carcass of the tire shoulder is smooth, and the retreaded tires are self-made treads that are attached to the old carcass. The lap joint between the tread and the sidewall is not as good as the new tire. There are binding marks on the sides.