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Tire purchase knowledge

- Mar 13, 2018 -

First, priority is given to the original tires. The original tires are the most suitable for the car's speed and the maximum load of the car. Therefore, in theory, priority should be given to tire replacement.

Second, pay attention to the tire pattern, the pattern on the car tires, in addition to the appearance of the effect, but also have a great impact on the performance of the tire. Cars that often travel in Shenzhen should choose those with good drainage patterns, such as regular, small block patterns; and cars that require cross-country and long distances, you can choose large block patterns.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the original handling of the vehicle, you may consider replacing tires with lower flatness. For many models, one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance and maneuverability of vehicles is to replace low-profile tires. Each type of tire has its specific function, so when choosing a tire, you should ask what type of tire is suitable for what kind of driving habits, so that the car is safer when you drive, and the money spent on the tire is even more worth it.

When buying tires, don't just look at the price. You should consult a professional. They will help you to properly fit the right tires.