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The role of tire tread

- Mar 13, 2018 -

The main function of the tread pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the road to prevent the wheels from slipping, which is exactly the same as the sole pattern. The tread pattern improves the grounding elasticity of the tread. Under the action of the tangential force between the tread and the road surface (such as driving force, braking force and lateral force), the block can generate a large tangential elastic deformation. As the tangential force increases, the tangential deformation increases, and the “friction effect” of the contact surface increases, which in turn suppresses the tendency of the tread and the road to slip or slip. This largely eliminates the disadvantages of unpatterned (light tread) tires that are prone to slippage, making the performance of automobiles related to friction performance between tires and road surfaces - dynamic, braking, steering, and driving safety. Normal play has a reliable guarantee. Studies have shown that the factors that produce friction between the tread and the road include the adhesion between the two surfaces, the effect of molecular attraction, and the micro-cutting effect of the small-sized micro-convex on the tread surface. However, the main role is still The elastic deformation of the blocks.