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Five habits can extend tire life

- Mar 13, 2018 -

First, do check the tire pressure at any time. Air pressure is the key to longer tire life - tire pressure often exceeds 20% of normal air pressure, tire life will be reduced by 10%; if often less than 30% of normal air pressure, tire life will be reduced by 52%.

Second, the pressure must be the same. The tire pressure is the life of the tire, the air pressure is too low, the deformation of the carcass is increased, the sidewall is prone to cracks, and at the same time, excessive heat is generated, which causes aging of the rubber, fatigue of the ply, and breakage of the cord.

Third, regularly remove the habit of foreign objects inside the tire. When the vehicle is driving on the road, there are often stones that squeeze into the cracks in the tire. If these pebbles are not cleared in time, they will puncture the tires over time, resulting in leaks or punctures.

Fourth, driving habits meet scientific requirements. When driving on a road with a high degree of crowning, it is necessary to center as much as possible to avoid or reduce the offset of the center of gravity of the vehicle, and to reduce the increase in tire load on one side and uneven wear of the tire.

Fifth, the front and rear wheels maintain accurate orientation. The front wheel positioning has a great influence on the service life of the tire, and the front wheel front toe and the front wheel camber are the main factors. The front wheel camber mainly accelerates the wear of the shoulder, that is, partial wear; the front wheel front toe mainly accelerates the wear of the inner and outer tires.